Sophie Ellison

Last name

Sophie Ellison, former Senior Consultant at Blake Stevenson, now undertakes social research and evaluation that informs policy, practice and service development within the public and voluntary sectors. She chairs the Scottish Branch of the Social Research Association.

She works across health, social care and education, and is interested in how societies and their systems can best support positive experiences and outcomes for people across the lifespan.  She has conducted research relating to refugees, the impact of the arts on health, independence among young disabled people, and dementia care.

She has a passion for travel and the outdoors and is often found sitting by the shores of remote Highland lochs.

Read Sophie's Social Research Association Profile here.

Working Groups: Health and Wellbeing;Scottish Constitutional Reform  


Areas of Interest
Economics and Social Sciences, Public Sector
Scottish Government
Key words
policy, health, social care, education, support

Our Members

Catriona Wallace has a background in publishing, English Literature, and has a particular love of children’s books. Catriona has worked at Scottish Book Trust (SBT) since 2009, and in 2013 was appointed Head of Early Years.