Sharon Hutchinson

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Sharon is a Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health at Glasgow Caledonian University, and works in association with Health Protection Scotland to develop surveillance on blood-borne viruses. She manages a broad translational research programme, which is both methodological and applied and spans activities including infectious disease modelling, record-linkage studies and evaluation of public health interventions.

Her research provided the key evidence to guide a public health response to Scotland’s hepatitis C epidemic, which culminated in the Scottish Government investing significantly in improving services. She is currently supporting WHO on initiatives to tackle viral hepatitis in low and middle income countries.

Working Group: Health and Wellbeing


Areas of Interest
Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics
Glasgow Caledonian University
Key words
epidemiology, health, hepatitis, blood borne viruses

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Professor Lesley McMillan is Professor of Criminology and Sociology and Theme Lead for Violence, Crime and Justice Research at Glasgow Caledonian University. She is Associate Director of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research where she leads the Public Protection Network and Associate Director of the Centre for Research in Families and Relationships at the University of Edinburgh.