Rosalind Allen

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Rosalind Allen is a professor of Biological Physics at Edinburgh University. She studies how bacteria grow and interact with each other, how they are inhibited by antibiotics and how they evolve resistance to antibiotics. Rosalind studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, graduating in 1999. Following a Master's degree in Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, she returned to Cambridge for a PhD in theoretical chemistry, graduating in 2003. She then spent 2 years in Amsterdam, as a postdoc at the AMOLF physics institute, where she used computer simulations to study how biological cells turn their genes on and off. In 2006 Rosalind was awarded an RSE personal research fellowship at Edinburgh University. This was followed by a Royal Society University Research fellowship, and promotion to Reader (2013) and Professor (2017).

Areas of Interest
Cell and Molecular Biology, Physics and Astronomy
University of Edinburgh
Key words
biology, physics

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