Philip Hands

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Philip is a Lecturer and Chancellor's Fellow at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh.  His research is interdisciplinary and applications-focussed, often in collaboration with industry, on a range of technologies exploiting the electronic and photonic properties of soft materials such as liquid crystals, polymers and composites.  Philip has a keen interest in the commercialisation of research, successfully co-founding Ilumink with his former colleagues from the University of Cambridge, developing ink-jet printed lasers for anti-counterfeiting applications.  Current research activities include: the development of new tuneable liquid crystal laser technology; chemical and biological sensors for point-of-care medical diagnosis; wireless and flexible pressure sensors for wearable electronics; haptic display technology for the visually-impaired; and adaptive-focus liquid crystal lenses for ophthalmics and 3D displays.  He also is active in public engagement activities for science and engineering.

Areas of Interest
University of Edinburgh
Key words
photonics, sensors, entrepreneurship, liquid crystals, lasers, soft matter

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Stuart Reid is a Reader and Royal Society Industry Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland. He obtained his PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2006, developing novel mirror technology for use in gravitational wave detectors – instruments designed to observe the most violent events in our Universe, such as black holes colliding.

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