Pawel Orzechowski


Pawel is a teacher, programmer and entrepreneur. He designs and delivers programming courses at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Drawing from years of experience as an industry programmer, instructor at a programming bootcamp, and researcher, Pawel creates innovative, interactive and collaboration-based courses at the Business School and the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Pawel’s PhD on touching fabrics on a mobile phone screen helped small Scottish textile makers to compete on international markets. This theme of using technology for ethical, sustainable and charity causes led Pawel to contribute to a number of local initiatives; at CodeClan, he created a charity placement programme and mentoring network, helping tens of charities and giving hundreds of students their first real-world client experience; with DataKirk he designed and ran data science courses for the local BME community; and recently, as the CTO of, he is building digital wellbeing tools for hundreds of thousands of Scottish NHS patients.

Pawel Orzechowski

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