Mirela Delibegovic

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Professor Delibegovic started her academic career as a University of Edinburgh graduate (1995-1999) in Pharmacology. This led her to conduct her postgraduate studies in Biochemistry at Dundee University (1999- 2003), in the MRC protein phosphorylation unit, which is one of the leading places in Europe for biomedical research.

She then obtained the prestigious American Heart Association postdoctoral personal fellowship, in order to further study causes and consequences of Type 2 diabetes at Harvard Medical School (2003-2007). In 2007, Professor Delibegovic was successful at obtaining a 5-year tenure-track RCUK fellowship at the University of Aberdeen, where she established her own independent laboratory, leading a small team of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. She has been successful at publishing the work from her own laboratory in internationally peer-reviewed journals and obtaining competitive externally-funded project grants, which fund research in her laboratory.

Dr. Delibegovic is also very passionate about public engagement in science and her outreach activities were recognized by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement as well as Vitae in 2010. In addition, Dr. Delibegovic is featured on the UKRC for Women in SET website as one of their success stories. She has also mentored a 6th year school student, as a part of an interdisciplinary project with Hazlehead academy in Aberdeen, for the scheme started by the Scottish Government called the “Scottish Baccalaureate in Science”, the aim of which is to get more young people interested in science and giving them a head start for the future. 

Areas of Interest
Biomedical Sciences
University of Aberdeen
Key words
diabetes, biochemistry

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