Miguel Oscar Bernabeu Llinares


Miguel is an academic at the University of Edinburgh working at the interface of computer and biomedical sciences. His research concerns the development of computational approaches capable of answering open questions in biomedicine. He works closely with biologists, clinicians, and industry in problems of high relevance in both basic and clinical research: a) the development of automated methods for eye and systemic disease diagnosis in retinal scans, b) the evaluation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems supporting healthcare delivery in real clinical settings, c) the study of how the structural properties of tumour vasculature affect oxygen/drug transport, and d) the investigation of vascular remodelling during angiogenesis.

Miguel has published papers in top journals/conferences in his area (for example PNAS, Biophysical Journal, eLife, PLOS Biology and Computational Biology, Development, Royal Society Interface).

Since 2021, Miguel has been Deputy Director and Director of Research at The Bayes Centre, The University of Edinburgh’s innovation hub on Data Science and AI. The Bayes Centre sits at the interface between the University and the private and public sectors in Scotland in order to maximise the societal impact of its research.

Miguel Oscar Bernabeu Llinares

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