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Jano van Hemert

Dr Jano van Hemert (MSc 1998, PhD 2002; Leiden University, The Netherlands) is a Senior Research Manager and Academic Liaison at Optos. His main area of research is in computer science and its applications. His imaging research group develops novel algorithms on retinal images to improve eye health care.
retinal imaging, computer science; commercialisation; technology development

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Andy Gardner is an evolutionary biologist at the University of St Andrews. His work lies at the interface of theoretical population genetics and behavioural ecology, and focuses on social evolution. Andy is fascinated by Darwinian adaptation: natural selection expains the appearance of design in the living world, but there remains controversy as to whether this design manifests at the level of genes, individuals or whole societies.

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18 March 2019
Alaa Hamdon welcomes the first consignment of new books from Book Aid International to Mosul Library...