Lysimachos Zografos

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Lysimachos is the co-founder and CEO of Parkure, a drug discovery company which has set out to discover a cure for Parkinson’s disease. He also works with start-ups with his consultancy, LeanForce, advising on issues of innovation and early stage strategy. Lysimachos is a scientist by training and is driven to translate the potential of biomedical and technological innovation to improve our health and lives. Lysimachos operates better within the context of socially responsible businesses with impactful missions.

Areas of Interest
Business and Industry
Key words
Therapeutics, Neuroscience, Drug Discovery, Technology, Innovation, Crowdfunding

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I am a cardiology specialist registrar at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and a British Heart Foundation Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. I therefore spend roughly half of my time working as a clinical cardiologist and half performing research into different forms of cardiovascular disease.