Louise Harris

Last name

Louise Harris is an electronic and audiovisual composer.  She is also Lecturer in Sonic and Audiovisual Practices at The University of Glasgow.  Louise specialises in the creation of audiovisual relationships utilising electronic music and computer-generated visual environments. Louise’s audiovisual work has been performed and exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the AV Festival, Newcastle (2010), Musica Viva Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2011), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Huddersfield (2011), Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg, France (2012, 2013, 2014), Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway (2012, 2013), Linux Audio Conference (Austria 2013, Germany 2014) and Sweet Thunder Festival, San Francisco, USA (2014).

Areas of Interest
Creative and Performing Arts
University of Glasgow
Key words
Sound, music, moving image, interactivity, collaboration, education

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Dr Murray Collins is Chancellor’s Fellow in Data Driven Innovation – Space and Satellite Analysis at the University of Edinburgh. He analyses satellite data for ecosystem monitoring, with a focus on mapping tropical forests and deforestation. He has worked across SE Asia (Cambodia, Sulawesi, Sumatra), and west/central Africa (Gabon and Sierra Leone), undertaking forest surveys and mapping.