Lesley Lancaster

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I am a leading young researcher in thermal ecology and biogeography, with particular expertise in understanding how anthropogenic habitat modification affects species distributions and the evolutionary process. I am highly motivated to advance our understanding of how species and ecosystems will respond to human-wrought changes at global, regional, and local scales. Such understanding can provide much-needed impetus to policy, as well as help us to generally understand resilience in natural systems and how past and ongoing geographic processes shape the observed patterns of biodiversity.

Areas of Interest
Organismal and Environmental Biology
University of Aberdeen
Key words
Climate change, entomology, freshwater resources, agricultural pests, thermal ecology, biogeography

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Gurjit is the Founder-Chairman and Chief Mentor of several companies that have global business operations across three business lines – real estate, clean tech and equity investment. Currently he is guiding the group into new verticals & businesses. His professional and personal experience spans the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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