Lisa DeBruine

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Lisa DeBruine is a Professor in the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, where she co-runs the Face Research Lab. Her research combines theories from evolutionary biology and cognitive psychology with methods from experimental psychology, behavioural ecology and experimental economics, to explore how physical appearance affects social decision-making.

Her most prominent research investigates how people respond to facial resemblance and other potential cues of kinship. She is also interested in how the visual system learns about faces and what visual adaptation effects can tell us about the face processing system. Lisa is passionate about presenting scientific research to the general public. Her research is frequently featured in newspapers, magazines and science documentaries, and she has participated in numerous public science events, including the Royal Society of London’s Summer Science Fair and French Science Week.

Working Groups: Research the Headlines


Areas of Interest
Cognitive Sciences
University of Glasgow
Key words
psychology, evolution, face perception

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