Kate Walker

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Kate is an independent consultant in the education development sector. She applies detailed knowledge of schools policy and practice to support education reform internationally, Kate previously worked as an Education Advisor for the British Council and has also held roles in professional services in three UK universities, and schools in the UK and Switzerland.

Kate is currently undertaking a PhD in Music examining taiko (Japanese ensemble drumming) in the UK, and plays and performs with Tsuchigumo Daiko in Glasgow.

Areas of Interest
Independent Consultant
Key words
Education Policy, Education Reform, Arts Education, Ethnomusicology

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Dr Ik Siong Heng is a physicist at the University of Glasgow. His main research focuses on gravitational wave astronmy. Gravitational waves, predicted by Einstein in his theory of General Relativity, are ripples in the fabric of the universe we live in (aka spacetime). These gravitational ripples will uncover the mysteries that lie in the darkest, densest regions of the Universe.

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