Kitty Meeks


Kitty Meeks currently holds an EPSRC Fellowship in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, where she carries out research at the interface of mathematics and computer science.  Her expertise lies in the design of fully explainable algorithms – with mathematical guarantees on their behaviour – and she applies this approach to address problems arising in many other fields including health statistics and epidemiology.  Her fellowship project is based on the premise that we can often gain more useful information about a dataset by finding all “good” answers to the question of interest than just a single “best” solution, and her research involves developing new techniques to explore this set of good answers.  Another particular interest is the design of algorithms to process datasets (particularly network data) that change over time.

She previously held a Royal Society of Edinburgh Personal Research Fellowship and a Lectureship in Mathematics, both at the University of Glasgow, following a postdoctoral position at Queen Mary University of London and her PhD at the University of Oxford.

Kitty Meeks

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