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Dr S. Karly Kehoe was YAS co-chair from 2014-2016 and is now the Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Communities at Saint Mary’s University in Canada. When she joined the Young Academy of Scotland, she was a senior lecturer in History at Glasgow Caledonian University. Kehoe is a member of the Global Young Academy, sitting on its executive committee in 2016-7 & 2017-8, and serves as a trustee of the Scottish Historical Review Trust and as a member of the RSE YAS SCIO. She is also a councillor of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society.

Her research interests include religion, national identity and migration in the Scottish and Irish contexts, and the links between the Highlands and Islands and the Atlantic slave trade. Her first book, Creating a Scottish Church: Catholicism, Gender and Ethnicity in Nineteenth-Century Scotland, has been accompanied by numerous chapters and articles. She has just completed the manuscript of her second monograph, which considers the ways in which the British Empire enabled Britain's religious peripheries to expand understandings of citizenship and belonging. Karly leads, with fellow YAS member, Chris Dalglish, the Landscapes and Lifescapes project, which straddles the Atlantic with sections in Nova Scotia and Scotland. This innovative project brings together academics (historians, geographers and archaeologists), archivists, librarians and digital information managers to explore Highland and Highland Diaspora development and its links with a global economy via the Caribbean and plantation slavery.

Areas of Interest
Glasgow Caledonian University
Key words
religion, national identity, migration

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