Juliano Morimoto


Juliano is an an interdisciplinary researcher with primary contributions in the field of entomology. His main research has focused on better understanding how nutrition and ecological conditions modulate life-histories, behaviour, and evolution in insects. The broader questions that Juliano’s research answers are rooted on the fundamental role of nutrition and conspecific competition in shaping Darwinian natural selection, and can be stated as:

  • How does early life nutrition modulate development and late life reproduction, behaviour, and evolution in holometabolous insects which have extreme specialisation across life-stages (for example,, larvae, pupae, adult)?
  • Can (early life) nutrition be used to modify individuals’ and population behaviours for socioeconomic benefits (for example, for pest control)?
  • How can emerging technologies be used to develop new frameworks to enable biological insights?


Juliano’s approach combines natural history observations, laboratory experiments, theoretical development and statistical inference to advance our biological understanding in each of these questions. He is an editor for several journals in Ecology and Entomology. He is also the first biologist to be awarded the Riemann Fellowship, and has strong interdisciplinary collaborations with statisticians, computer scientists and mathematicians.

Juliano Morimoto

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