John O'Connor

Last name

Dr John D O’Connor is a Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Glasgow.  He is a Dominican friar, Catholic priest, and a Catholic University Chaplain in Edinburgh. He has doctorates in both Applied Physics and Moral Philosophy, and has trained at NUI Galway, University of Oxford, and University of Edinburgh. He is active in research in moral philosophy and philosophy of religion.

Areas of Interest
Philosophy and Theology
University of Glasgow
Key words
Philosophy, Religion, Theology, Moral Philosophy, Catholicism

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Silvia Paracchini is a neuroscientist working in the field of human genetics, interested in the molecular mechanisms contributing to neurodevelopment. Her research aims at understanding how DNA variation may contribute to common disorders, such as dyslexia, or human traits, like handedness. She uses a combination of different methods and technologies integrating epidemiology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, stem cell and animal research.