Iman Tajik


Iman Tajik is an Iranian artist and photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Tajik’s work is anchored in a strong social interest and demonstrates an effort to make work that is a critical tool connected to international movements for social change. Tajik’s work addresses issues of contemporary conditions of life with particular focus on migration and globalization as a result of the diaspora nation of the planet. Tajik makes installations, video, photography and performance. Through these mediums, Tajik ’performs the border’. This speaks to personal experiences of crossing geographical borders and socio-political barriers to insists on the right to freedom of movement. Through this, Tajik spotlights and stresses the need for resistance towards barriers and boundaries that are implemented socially and politically in favour of some but not all. A contribution towards bridging the divide between self and other is paramount to Tajik’s practice.

Iman Tajik founded Who is? Project by collaboration with Jonas Jessen Hansen in 2017.  Who Is?Project has been created as a space to open conversation surrounding the current migrant crisis and the rise of nationalism.

Iman Tajik

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