Heather Ferguson

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Heather Ferguson is a Reader in Vector Biology at the University of Glasgow.  Her research focuses on the mosquito vectors of malaria.  She studied at the Universities of Toronto, British Columbia and Edinburgh before spending several years researching malaria in east Africa.  Her work encompasses field studies of mosquito ecology and control in Africa and Asia, laboratory and modelling investigations of mosquitoes and malaria parasites. 

Her research is intertwined with training students from endemic countries to build capacity for tackling malaria in situ.  She has a longstanding partnership with the Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania, and collaborates with numerous African institutes.

Working Group: Health and Wellbeing


Areas of Interest
Organismal and Environmental Biology
University of Glasgow
Key words
biology, malaria research

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Dr. Devi Sridhar is a Senior Lecturer in Global Public Health in the Centre for Population Health Sciences at Edinburgh University and a Senior Research Fellow in the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University. Her research focuses on global health governance, financing and institutions.