Heidi Burdett

Last name

Heidi is a Research Fellow at the Lyell Centre for Earth and Marine Science and Technology, Heriot-Watt University. Her research investigates the photosynthesis of marine algae and corals and the role these organisms play in the oceanic carbon cycle. She also tries to understand the impact our changing climate will have on the future survival of these organisms. Heidi uses a multidisciplinary approach, applying techniques from the biological chemical, physical and Earth sciences to answer these questions. She is highly active in public engagement activities am looking forward to developing this further within YAS.

Areas of Interest
Organismal and Environmental Biology
Heriot-Watt University
Key words
marine, coast, photosynthesis, public engagement, climate change, carbon

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Stuart Reid is a Reader and Royal Society Industry Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland. He obtained his PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2006, developing novel mirror technology for use in gravitational wave detectors – instruments designed to observe the most violent events in our Universe, such as black holes colliding.

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19 February 2019
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