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Faye Hammill is Professor of English at the University of Glasgow, and has previously held posts at Strathclyde, Cardiff and Liverpool Universities.

She has a PhD in Canadian literature from the University of Birmingham. Her research is in the field of early 20th-century North American and British literature and print culture. She has published six monographs, including Sophistication: A Literary and Cultural History (2010) and, most recently, Modernisms' Print Cultures (2016), co-authored with Mark Hussey. She leads the AHRC Middlebrow Network, a transatlantic research group, and has also led a collaborative AHRC-funded project entitled "Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada". Her current research is on Noel Coward.

In REF2014, she was a member of subpanel 27 (Area Studies), and she is a former editor of the British Journal of Canadian Studies and the International Journal of Canadian Studies / Revue internationale des études canadiennes.

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