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Eileen Wall is currently a Professor of Integrative Livestock Genetics at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) based at the Easter Bush Campus, Midlothian. She is also Mitigation work stream lead in ClimateXChange. Eileen grew up in Dublin where she received her undergraduate and Masters degree in Agricultural Science from the University College Dublin. She came to Edinburgh to do my PhD in genetics (2002) in the University of Edinburgh. She then moved to the then Scottish Agricultural College (now SRUC) for post doctorate focussing on the genetics of fertility in cattle. Her current research interests include climate change and livestock systems, genetics of fitness traits, development of sustainable and environmental breeding goals and the use of new technologies in genetic improvement.

She currently sits on the Accreditation Panel for the Register of Animal Scientists & Animal Technologists and has been a Council member for the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS). She was elected to be Chair of the Strategy and Innovation Group for the society (2008-2013), the group responsible for the linkages of the society to sister societies (e.g., Society of Biology), (inter)national consultations, ethical considerations and early career training/development. She was awarded The Sir John Hammond Award from BSAS in 2014.

A lot of her work is based on interdisciplinary research, as well as in collaboration with agricultural industries and policy makers. Such interdisciplinarity is crucial to help develop innovations and inform policy such that land based industries can respond to the global challenges they face now and into the future.

Working Group: Research the Headlines


Areas of Interest
Organismal and Environmental Biology
Key words
genetic improvement, genomics, agriculture, animal science, climate change

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