Emily Cross

Last name

Emily is a Professor of Social Robotics, based at the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology. She completed undergraduate studies in psychology and dance in California, followed by an MSc in cognitive psychology as a Fulbright Fellow in New Zealand, and a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Dartmouth College. At Glasgow, she leads a vibrant research team who explores experience-dependent plasticity in the human brain and behaviour using neuroimaging, neurostimulation and behavioural techniques, and drawing upon expert dancers, robots and professional circus performers to address questions at the intersection of brain science, the arts and technology.

Areas of Interest
Cognitive Sciences, Informatics
University of Glasgow
Key words
neuroscience, cognition, social robotics, aesthetics, performing arts

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Valeria Skafida is of Greek-Italian descent, and lived in Sweden during her school-age years. She completed undergraduate studies in Social Anthropology and Social Policy, and was awarded an ESRC-CASE studentship to complete an MSc and PhD in Social Policy, all at the University of Edinburgh.