Delma Childers


Delma is a Lecturer in Medical Sciences with the Aberdeen Fungal Group at the University of Aberdeen. She completed her PhD in Microbiology & Immunology in her native state of Texas at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio in 2012. Her lab is currently interested in using molecular approaches and ‘omics tools to determine how antifungal therapy and drug resistance change the way fungi evade human immune defences to cause disease.

Fungal diseases are an under-appreciated global health threat that are responsible for more than a million deaths per year. Delma is keen to raise public awareness about fungal infections and the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance. To that end, Delma is a registered STEM Ambassador, has previously been a weekly winner of ‘I’m a Scientist, Stay at Home’, and was a scientific consultant on a science fiction film.

Delma Childers

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