Catriona Wallace

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Catriona Wallace has a background in publishing, English Literature, and has a particular love of children’s books. Catriona has worked at Scottish Book Trust (SBT) since 2009, and in 2013 was appointed Head of Early Years. She manages “Bookbug” - a national, universal, literacy programme which provides books and resources free to every family in Scotland at key stages of their child’s early development to encourage reading and singing. Bookbug also makes available community support and targeted interventions that create high-quality bonding experiences and help families to develop strong loving attachments with their children from birth.

As Head of Early Years, Catriona leads SBT’s partnerships with Scottish Government, local authorities, library services, the NHS and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. She manages strategic planning and development of the Bookbug programme to ensure that it is delivered effectively in all 32 local authorities.

Catriona is passionate about giving children the best possible start by supporting families to use stories, songs and rhymes to build relationships and develop pre-literacy skills.

Areas of Interest
Third Sector
Scottish Book Trust
Key words
literacy, early years education, Bookbug, early childhood intervention

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