Christine Caldwell

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Christine Caldwell is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Stirling. She graduated with a first in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and then went on to study for an MSc in Cognitive Science at the University of Manchester and a PhD in primatology at the University of St Andrews.

Her current research concerns social learning and cultural evolution, much of it aiming to bridge the gap between traditional experimental psychology, and mathematical and computational population modelling. She has developed innovative methods for studying cultural evolution under laboratory conditions, involving real human participants, but also illustrating population-level patterns of cultural change and variation. She also studies related capacities in nonhuman primates with a view to understanding the evolutionary roots of the uniquely complex nature of human culture.

Her work has been funded by the European Research Council (Consolidator Grant) and the Economic and Social Research Council. 

Areas of Interest
Cognitive Sciences
University of Stirling
Key words
psychology, social learning, cultural evolution, evolution

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