Aude Le Guennec


A Design Anthropologist, Aude is the Research Lead of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, The Glasgow School of Art. Following her insight into future heritage, public engagement and impact-led research, she contributes to the development of a research culture in the MSA. From her academic background and first career as a Museum Director, Aude has developed a specific interest in the way fashion informs the society. As the Director of Fashion Studies at Heriot-Watt University (2013-2019), she has educated students to the creative potential of heritage in fashion ideation. Specialising in Children’s material culture, she has completed a PhD addressing the socialisation of children through clothing from the 18th century onwards (Sorbonne University). As a curator and consultant for the Fashion industry, Aude explores innovative approaches of an inclusive, sustainable and participative concept of heritage, with a specific interest in its creative interpretation. Championing Public Engagement, Aude focuses on users and communities as the active catalysts of ground-breaking and impactful research projects.

Aude Le Guennec

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