Andrea Hamilton

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As a materials scientist, Andrea's research activities span over engineering, geosciences and physical chemistry, and focus on porous materials. Her interests are rock fracture and pore level chemical-mechanical processes combined with colloid stability theory, making designer small particles and how particles move through pore networks.

Applications of her work range from enhanced oil recovery and radioactive waste storage to conservation of our built heritage. She is actively involved as a materials science consultant and leader on conservation and art projects and work with architects, artists, conservators and educators

Areas of Interest
University of Strathclyde
Key words
geoscience, chemistry, conservation

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Dr Calum Forsyth is the founder and CEO of Seed Haus, the Edinburgh based first-cheque investor. Calum raised an investment fund comprising some of the UK’s leading investors and deployed this across a suite of startups working in: robotics, IoT, cybersecurity, and esports.

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