Aude Le Guennec

Last name
Le Guennec

Fashion Anthropologist, Aude Le Guennec is the Director of Fashion Studies at the School of Textiles and Design, Heriot-Watt University. From her academic background and first career as a curator, Aude has developed a specific interest in fashion as a way to inform the society. Specialising in Children’s Fashion, she is researched and published extensively on the socialisation of children through clothing from the 18th century onwards. Involved in international cross-discipline research groups, visiting lecturer, consultant for the fashion industry and governmental bodies, Aude is regularly invited to provide her conception of an educational fashion, anchored in the past to inform the future of our society.

Areas of Interest
Creative and Performing Arts, History
Heriot-Watt University
Key words
Anthropology, Fashion, childhood studies, material culture, sociology, heritage

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