Ayse Cinar

Last name

A Senior Research Fellow (DDS, MBA, PhD, DSci), and an internationally accredited coach. AB Cinar pioneers in the coaching field focusing on individual change management to have a profound impact for positive transformation and better management of well-being globally. AB Cinar, accredited also as a Marshall Godlsmith Coach for Executive Leadership Development. is the winner of three awards (European Mentoring and Coaching Council International Coaching Award, 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders, 50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare Management, 2016). She is most recently awarded by the Scottish Crucible (2018). AB Cinar enjoys designing and executing coaching workshops/programmes for health and well-being. She likes working for body endurance through weight lifting, mental training. She currently writes her book “To be the One”. Her passionate goal is to be a world-known health coach, motivating and facilitating individuals for positive change through international talks and workshops.

Areas of Interest
Clinical Sciences
University of Dundee
Key words
Change Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Mental Health

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