Abdelrahman Zaky


Dr Zaky is a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He is also the Managing Editor of Biomass & Bioenergy (Elsevier).  He is also the Chair of the ECR network of Supergen Bioenergy Hub, the Hub is funded by the UK government to work with academia, industry, government and societal stakeholders to develop sustainable bioenergy systems that support the UK’s transition to an affordable, resilient and low-carbon energy future.

Dr Zaky’s research aims to establish a Coastal-Integrated-Marine-Biorefinery-System (CIMBS) that relies on marine resources (seawater, marine biomass & marine microorganisms) for the efficient and simultaneous production of biofuels, High-Value-Chemicals, and co-products. The system will refrain from using arable land and freshwater throughout the production chain to achieve negative water and carbon footprint values. The system will be linked with other offshore and inshore renewables (e.g. tide, wind, and solar) to improve the overall efficiency and economic feasibility of system.

Dr Zaky’s research was featured in more than 50 newspapers in different languages. He appeared in multiple newspapers, radio and TV programs (in Arabic) discussing issues related to the higher education systems, agricultural policies, climate Change mitigation, bio-economy, and democracy and freedom of speech.

Abdelrahman Zaky

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