Is Scotland different on matters of race and migration?

In association with the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism and Citizens, Nations and Migration (CNaM) Network at the University of Edinburgh, the Young Academy of Scotland presented an afternoon of research and discussion on Scotland's attitudes and towards race and migration.


Science in Cervantes and Shakespeare's times

*Please note that this event is now beginning at 6pm, not 7pm as previously stated*


by Prof. Francisco A. Gonzalez Redondo (Complutense University of Madrid). Hosted by Javier Escudero Rodriguez MYAS for the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU).

University of Edinburgh-David Hume Tower, room LG06, George Square - Edinburgh

Monday 17th October, 6pm.

This year we are commemorating the 4th Centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.  As a part of the celebrations, we have invited Dr Francisco A González Redondo, Professor of History of the Science in the Universidad Complutense, Madrid, for a talk on the 17th of October. He will offer a detailed analysis of the European and Spanish Science before, during and after Cervantes’ and Shakespeare’s lives (1547-1616).This period is comprised within the Copernican Revolution, a time for the study and development of the Copernicus’ heliocentric vision of the Cosmos. It also includes the work of Galileo, Kepler, Newton, etc. setting the basis for the Scientific Revolution, a time when Europe would give a new dimension to the inheritance received from the Classical World.


 This is a free event.  To book a place please contact Javier (


YAS 2016 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 24th August 2016Aug2016 AGM

The Centre for Health Sciences

Old Perth Road, Inverness IV2 3JH

The University of the Highlands and Islands

Launch of Academic Women Now

front cover thumbnailAcademic Women Now: experiences of mid-career academic women in Scotland is a new publication featuring the career paths of current mid-career women in academia, all of whom are members of the Young Academy of Scotland. It was launched by Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell on Thursday 9th June at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

The Ticking Time Bomb of Antimicrobial Resistance

RtH stock image plate cultureThe Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1.30pm-5pm

In collaboration with The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), The Young Academy of Scotland (Industry, Health & Wellbeing, and Research the Headlines Working Groups) will hosted a series of Exhibitions and interactive sessions on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Exhibitions Open to Public

Workshop: Exploring Stakeholder Perspectives in Antimicrobial Resistance

Expert Panel Debate

Manned by leading members of Scotland's scientific community, there was a range of exhibits on offer from introducing bugs, their growth and resistance, to displaying and showcasing some of Scotland’s latest technologies in the field. The exhibitions, organized by the YAS Industry Working Group, provided a vibrant forum for knowledge exchange as companies and academics presented their latest technologies and advancements in the battle against AMR.

The Great British Brain Off

brain off photo21 April, 2016
Greenwood Conference Centre, Greenwood Gate, Dreghorn, Irvine, 7pm

Speaker: Dr Alan Gow, Research Leader and Lecturer in Psychology, School of Life Sciences at Heriot Watt University.

YAS Winter Plenary Meeting 2015

DSCN5760Monday, 14th December 2015, The University of Edinburgh

John McIntyre Centre (Pollock Halls) 18 Holyrood Park, Edinburgh


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Dr Tiffany Wood heads the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership (ECFP) which works with all sectors across the formulation industry to solve issues and provide innovative solutions. Established in 2012, ECFP is based within the Soft Condensed Matter Physics Research Group at the University of Edinburgh and exploits academic understanding of how the fundamental physical interactions between components define the microstructure and bulk properties (e.g. flow behaviour and stability) of products.

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