Creative Bravery: Co-Production of Curricula in HE


Interactive Workshop

*Please note this event is in the past.  For more information about the wider project this event on this topic, please visit our The Purpose and Future of Higher Education page.

The involvement of students in curriculum design for Higher and Further Education presents exciting opportunities; but we also want to explore the limits of this approach. What are the pay-offs, what are the barriers, and what are the implications for both students and staff? Our campfire will discuss these and other relevant issues using, of course, a co-production approach!

This event is being held as part of the Creative Bravery Festival.*To register, please click on 24 September and scroll through the arrows until you find “Co-Production of Curricula in HE

Event Details

Date & Time
Thursday 24 Septmeber
1:00pm – 2:50pm

Virtual (Zoom) event

The Creative Bravery Festival- Discovery Tent