Resources and Governance

 The Young Academy of Scotland has the following resources:

    • The Young Academy operates under the RSE Scotland SCIO (SC043194), a charity connected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh

    • Members pay a subscription of £80 per annum.

    • Sponsorship is sought for particular activities, e.g. by the working groups.

    • The Principals of many of the Scottish universities have agreed to provide expenses for those of their staff appointed to the Young Academy.

    • The Young Academy is supported by dedicated administrative staff provided by the RSE.

The Young Academy co-operates with the RSE and the SCIO through a Memorandum of Understanding which underpins the principles of the relationship between all three parties.

These governing principles enable the Young Academy to develop a distinctive, coherent, and influential “voice” for public benefit by addressing many of the challenging issues facing society.


The rules and practices by which we have agreed to conduct our activites are laid out in the Statute of the Young Academy of Scotland.

Strategic Plan

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) has released its first 5-year Strategic Plan, 2020 Vision.

2020 Vision outlines YAS’s forward-looking objectives, and also defines six core themes through which it will deliver its mission.

Facilitating Group 2016

Our activities are led by a facilitating group of four elected co-chairs and a treasurer. (Currently one of these positions is a job share between two members)

The Young Academy of Scotland's Facilitating Group can be contacted on 


 VLVictoria Loughlan

Co-chair for Membership (job share)

Scottish Government


Stella ChanKate Walker

Co-chair for Membership (job share)

Freelance consultant


Konig2Alice Konig


University of St Andrews


Emma BoffeyEmma Boffey




ORourke BernadetteBernadette O'Rourke

Co-chair for the Work Programme

Heriot-Watt University


SiobhanOConnor YASProfilePicSiobhan O'Connor


University of Edinburgh

Young Academy Manager

Morven Chisholm, RSE staff

Young Academy Executive Assistant

Marie Montondo

Our Members

Zaher is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. He is a pharmacist from Aleppo, Syria who has three-year experience in managing pharmaceutical quality control laboratories.

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