Working Group Remit

The core aim of the Knowledge and Power Working Group is to enhance communication between policy-makers and expert bodies; to scrutinise and improve interactions between centres of knowledge and centres of power.

1. To support and advance evidence-based decision-making

2. To challenge and expand assumptions about who can be considered an 'expert' in consultations during policy-making; in particular, to promote the inclusion of early- and mid-career as well as more senior experts, the importance of interdisciplinary in voices and diversity in general when choosing consultants.

3. To improve the effectiveness of these consultation processes, so that they result more regularly in tangible, far-reaching and enduring outcomes.

4. To engage in regular, proactive exercises of horizon scanning to identify emerging areas and problems where new or better policies are required.

Current projects include:

  • A review of current consultation processes in Scotland
  • A public research event with various experts from different fields to discuss societal engagement in politics
  • A shadowing scheme between MSPs and academics/professionals, similar to an existing scheme between Westminster MPs and scientists

In collaboration with Scotland's Future Forum (, we are also working on two themes that will feed into the Scotland 2030 project (titled, 'Our aspirations for culture and society in Scotland in 2030 and beyond'):

  1. Citizenship (changing notions of Scottish citizenship and identity)
  2. Sustainable development and cultural heritage

Other areas where we hope to impact and pursue projects include;the future of education in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world; the role and responsibility of different kinds of media in political debate; opportunities and impact of future technology for Scotland; the way different spaces facilitate community and culture; mental well-being.


As this is a newly formed working group, established in 2016, we are yet to produce any outputs.


Alice Konïg and Maria Dornelas chair this group and can be contacted at and respectively. To reach the entire working group you can contact

Our Members


Graeme Malcolm

Prof. Graeme Malcolm has been a pioneer of growth photonics companies in Scotland over the last 16 years. In 1992 he co-founded Microlase Optical Systems Ltd which rapidly became one of Scotland¹s most successful optoelectronics companies and was sold to a major US corporation.

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