Food and Drink

Working Group Remit

The overall aim of this working group is to encourage engagement and collaboration with food and drink research in Scotland across universities and sectors, connecting academic researchers with the food and drink industry, public policymakers, charitable organisations, and the general public.

Formed in Summer 2015, this group has the specific remit of encouraging cross-sector and public engagement in the area of food and drink research in Scotland. The main activities of the group will be to:

1. Organise networking events bringing together academia with the food and drink industry, public policymakers, and charitable organisations (informing policy and sharing research expertise parts of the YAS Vision)

2. Develop public outreach activities; e.g., for schools or local science or food festivals


Running seminars with FRIED - Food Researchers in Edinburgh - and other events. You can find out more here.


The Co-lead for this group is Helen Bridle.


Our Members


Peter McColl

Peter McColl leads the policy and research work for Nesta in Scotland. He is focused on the opportunities to integrate and adapt Nesta's work to and for Scotland. Peter has particular interests in intergenerational politics, big data, higher education, health and social care, citizens' income and participatory democracy.

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