Working Group Remit


  1. Identify current areas of work being undertaken by the Education and Young People’s Committees at the RSE (both Humanities and STEM).
  2. Assess teaching resources currently available that enable teachers to make full use of the interdisciplinary possibilities of CfE (e.g. those provided by professional societies. both Humanities and STEM).
  3. Develop mechanism for identifying needs of primary and/or secondary school teachers with respect to resources for CfE (both Humanities and STEM).
  4. Organise event(s) to assess needs of teaching professionals in primary and/or secondary schools for CfE (both Humanities and STEM).
  5. Draw upon YAS expertise to develop teaching resources to enable teachers to make full use of the interdisciplinary possibilities of CfE.
  6. Contribute to / develop outreach programmes that i) complement and enhance the CfE, and ii) foster trust and understanding and provide a lasting legacy.
  7. Consider developing advice statements on CfE and its implementation.



The Young Academy of Scotland, Advice Paper : Making Stronger Links: Inter-Disciplinary Learning in Scottish Schools October 2014

Making stronger links

 Numeracy Counts : A series of videos in support of the Curriculum for Excellence showing how the Young Academy use numeracy in their everyday lives. You can see the videos here.


 #AspirationalAdvice:  #AspirationalAdvice: Between January and April 2015 the RSE Young Academy of Scotland asked all Scots to share a piece of advice to young people on Twitter  that will help them aim high, dream big, lift their aspirations and achieve their hopes and goals. Read more about this campaign and its outcomes in the logbook.

 Ian Rankin

Making Maths Count: YAS Member Dr Tara Brendle, a mathematician at the University of Glasgow and a member of the YAS Excellence in Education working group group, contributed to a Scottish Government group set up to challenge negative attitudes towards mathematics across Scotland called the 'Making Maths Count' expert group.

Dr Brendle said: “It isn’t hard to find negative attitudes towards maths, I come across them all the time. I’m hoping our group will be able to really delve into where people’s concerns are and what is shaping these feelings.

“Maths is central to everyone’s lives and skills like logic and reasoning are hugely important. It’s hugely important that we find ways of making maths more appealing to people and getting more people to participate in the subject if young people are to have the skillset they need not just for work but for everyday life in general.”   

The group’s short questionnaire, available at, looked into people’s feelings towards maths, along with which aspects of maths people were using and what could make them more enthusiastic about the subject.

You can also keep up-to-date with news on the project at the group’s blog – - and on Twitter by following @MathsScot.


Co-leads: Patrick Harkness and Andrew Manches

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