Membership Statistics

Within the bounds of its membership criteria, the Young Academy of Scotland seeks to maximise the diversity of its membership.  In particular, we emphasise the importance of a breadth of regional, disciplinary and gender representation.

While members should be resident in Scotland at the time of their appointment, YAS welcomes many members from outside Scotland and the UK.  Furthermore, individuals who decide to move abroad during their YAS membership are welcome to retain their membership and participate in the activities of YAS remotely, provided that they are able to continue to fulfil the responsibilities of membership (as stated in The Statute of the Young Academy).

Below are some statistics about the attributes and provenance of our current members.

Current membership number: 131*

  • 68 appointed in Autumn 2011 (First cohort) Members of this cohort completed their membership on 31 August 2016, and are now regarded as Alumni. (click here to read the YAS Alumni Policy)
  • 50 appointed in Spring 2013 (Second cohort)
  • 43 appointed in Summer 2014  (Third cohort)
  • 44 appointed in Summer 2016 (Fourth cohort)

*Some members have let their membership lapse due to other commitments.


 Membership Breakdown 

Gendergender sep 2016

53% Female

47% Male




36.5: Average age on appointment

27: Youngest member (as of September 2016)

46: Eldest member (as of September 2016)



Professionprofession sep 2016

 79% Academic

 21% Non-academic / Practitioner



Top 4 Institutions   

University of Edinburgh 24%

University of Glasgow 12%

University of St Andrews 7%

University of Strathclyde 7%

Heriot-Watt University 7%



10% Central Scotland

30% Greater Glasgow

1% Highlands and Islands

46% Lothian and Borders

3%  Northeast Scotland

10% Outwith Scotland**


**members must reside in Scotland at the time of appointment, but members who move abroad during the course of their membership are welcome to retain their YAS membership.

Our Members


Daniel Phillips

Daniel is a Software Team Lead at Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems in Edinburgh. He leads a team developing software for Toshiba's range of medical ultrasound scanners to assist with diagnosis and treatment of patients. This role gives him the opportunity to work with both clinicians and engineers to help build software that will make a real difference to the lives of patients.

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