The Young Academy of Scotland was established by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2011 and is the first and (currently) only Young Academy in the United Kingdom. Our first 68 members were appointed in the autumn of 2011 and left the Young Academy in summer 2016.  We were joined by a further 50 in March 2013. A group of 43 further members joined the Academy in 2014 and most recently, we have inducted our newest cohort of 44 members in August 2016.  With a handful of members dropping out, the membership now stands at 131. It is anticipated that the Young Academy will soon stabalise its membership at around 150. Our membership is 53% female.  At induction, the average member is 34 years old.  YAS is uniquely interdisciplinary, with leading talents from all areas of academia, business, third sector organisations and public life.

Our mission is to:

Foster interdisciplinary activities among emerging leaders from the disciplines of science and humanities, the professions, the arts, business and civil society. Established by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2011, the Young Academy provides a platform for able and innovative young entrepreneurs, professionals and academics to develop a coherent and influential voice, and to address the most challenging issues facing society in Scotland and beyond.

Our activities are coordinated by a Facilitating Group of four annually elected co-chairs and an elected treasurer, with further assistance from dedicated RSE support staff. The Young Academy also benefits from guidance from Fellows of the RSE.

Our Working Groups

Our Members


Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas

Maïwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas is an engineer who develops miniaturised devices for rapid clinical diagnostics. Her research is focused on sample preparation and in particular on the transformation of blood samples using microfluidic techniques.

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